Overemoticon- Bonafide Oxymoron

I have reached for the stars and bounced off the first mole hill I came to. Nevertheless, there is nothing like good determination to build up the confidence levels and increase your chances of achieving your goals.  In true testament I am now ricocheting off hill tops. Next stop on the train to my destiny is the mountains. Then by my calculations (maths not being my strong point) I will be half way to the stars. I should mention I am one of those pathetic individuals with no direction, full of wonderful ideas and ambitions, so you will not be surprised to learn that thus far these acheivments have been kept firmly behind the stone bars of my cranium. It is all progression right?

I am the personification of an oxymoron, not one personal trait unwillingly in my possession fits comfortably with another. However, I like to think this makes me quirky. Essentially all the evidence suggests I am a freak of sorts, but I am pretty happy with that.

That all being said these are my ramblings. I wonder if the world is ready for my unintelligibilities. Oh…I forgot to mention I have a multitude of mental illnesses. I’m not alone!


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